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Software Disclosure and Liability Under the Securities Acts

By: Carl C. Carl Can a software company be liable under the securities laws when it sells securities without disclosing that it will not give free updates on current software as new technology makes them obsolete? What exactly must be … Continue reading

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FTC vs. Toysmart

By: Daniel Bronski, Conway Chen, Matthew Rosenthal & Robert Pluscec Last summer, Toysmart agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission concerning use of its customer information database. Under the terms of the settlement, the defunct Internet toy retailer … Continue reading

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Are Online Business Transactions Executed by Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?

By: Carl Carl, Corey Ciocchetti, Wes Barton & Nathan Christensen Most of us believe that we make contracts over the Internet all the time. We buy books and computers, arrange for hotels and planes, trade stocks, and apply for mortgages. … Continue reading

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