The Music Online Competition Act of 2001: Moderate Change or Radical Reform?

By: Alexander Davie & Christine Soares On August 3, 2001 legislation was proposed to facilitate online broadcasting and distribution of music. The proposed Music Online Competition Act (MOCA) seeks to streamline the distribution of music over the Internet, increase competition, and avoid the monopolization of the online music industry by the record companies. This iBrief discusses several changes that MOCA would implement in the law and the reaction of the recording industry to these proposed changes. Download Full Article (PDF) Cite: 2001 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 0031

U.S. Export Controls on Technology Transfers

By: Matthew Crane Companies selling technology products abroad must be careful that they have complied with regulations imposed on the exportation of technology products. This is especially true for companies seeking to export encryption technology. This iBrief explores the considerations that must be given to the export of encryption and other technologies. Download Full Article (PDF) Cite: 2001 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 0030

Hacking Digital Video Recorders: Potential Copyright Liability for DVR Hackers and Service Providers

By: Ashley A. Johnson To what extent does Sony’s time-shifting fair use argument extend to recent innovations that make it easier for hackers use DVR technology to generate copies of protected material? The author assesses the potential liability of DVR manufacturers against the backdrop of traditional fair use doctrines. Download Full Article (PDF) Cite: 2001 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 0029